119/365: January Daydreams

IMG_0006At the grocery store on Monday there was a fresh display of budding hyacinths. The smell spilled out of the floral department—a deep, coaxing spring scent teasing unwary shoppers right before they pushed the cart back out into the well-below-freezing afternoon.

Teasing, yes. But also the first of many hints. This weekend we’re supposed to be getting rain and temperatures in the mid-fifties. The last few days have been sunny, leading the gutters to drip and puddles to appear in the driveway.

I ordered my first ever bulb catalogue this morning.

Despite my initial enthusiasm, I have to admit last summer was a bit of a wash. I hacked out some invasive weed-shrubs. I cut back the ivy and did some weeding. I raked out a whole mess of sticks where the fallen tree used to be (did I mention there was a fallen tree across the back yard when we bought the house?). The planters that were matted with a couple of years’ worth of wild vegetation got a complete overhaul, and I must have removed a hundred huge thistles root-first from all over the property… but in the grand scheme of things I think we’ve only just moved out of Abandoned and into Derelict.

This year will be better.

I will actually transplant that one errant peony, so the white ruffled ones are all neatly in a row in the same bed. I will rewire the lighting fixtures. I will plant that side bed and those cute stone planters. We will clear out the second terrace and build those raised beds for vegetables (ok, but the vegetable planting will not happen until the year after. Let’s not get crazy). I will make a decision about that dang rose of Sharon, which bloomed profusely and gorgeously all August but is growing almost sidewise into the lawn it’s so eager to get into the sun. Also I will find some combination of colors and shapes that actually complement the irises in the front bed.

The fact that I actually think this list is doable probably just confirms how far away spring really is, but I don’t really care. Makes for nice scheming during Iris’s long afternoon naps.

IMG_0014 IMG_0018


3 thoughts on “119/365: January Daydreams

  1. I think you did a HUGE job of recovering your yard this past year…with great odds against making progress. You have a wonderful yard, and I’m looking forward to watching the blooming progress!

  2. You do have a spectacular yard. It was beautiful even in the unkempt state you bought it in. And I think you did an amazing job last summer to get done what you did. If I were as sleep deprived as you were, I don’t think I would have attempted any of it. It’ll be exciting to see what comes now that Iris is a bit older and your husband has the use of both legs.

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