118/365: Free Night Rotation


We’re still experimenting with the perfect mix, but I’m super happy about our parental free nights. It started in the summer when I was going crazy—Carl pushing me out the door a couple of evenings a week after Iris was in bed so I could go to a coffee shop, meet friends, write, or just wander the book store for an hour.

I still go out a couple of nights a week, but it seemed a bit unfair for Carl to not have a night too. Not that he didn’t take advantage of the time—he’s been working his way through a couple of video games, and since Iris is (ideally, at least) asleep the whole time, it’s not such an onerous burden to be at home in a quiet house. But still. Occasional movie or game nights aren’t the same as knowing that every Tuesday or Friday or whatever you have two hours to do whatever or go wherever you want.

Tonight’s his first gym night in the new schedule, and I have to tell you I feel a bit like I’m having my own little staycation in here. Did some yoga, brewed a cup of tea, pulled up my latest draft…

Quiet is nice.

And the time and encouragement to pursue a few personal hobbies is one of the nicest gifts we can give each other these busy days. Granted, it doesn’t always work out. There are teething nights and nights I’m so wiped I can’t even imagine wanting to put on a coat and go anywhere. But still. The option is there.

I’m enjoying the mix.


3 thoughts on “118/365: Free Night Rotation

  1. We don’t do whole nights for just one of us, but usually three nights a week we take turns going to our respective gyms. And it is very nice to have a little solitude, especially for me since I’m such an introvert.

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