IMG_9915For all you indulgent grands and auntie-types, I give you a collection of the very latest:

  1. She understands more than we think. Although she still doesn’t seem interested in trying to verbalize much (besides a very eloquent assortment of shrieks and grunts), she definitely understands the “where’s the [blank]” construction. Where’s the daddy? I ask when we’re sitting on the couch, and she immediately scans out the window to locate Carl, shoveling out the driveway. I’m also convinced she differentiates between her two dolls—Dorothea and Maxine—and will look for them by name when asked. Carl isn’t convinced, but I’ve seen her do it.
  2. We are finally (FINALLY!) almost over our colds. Iris had hers for over two weeks, and it was pretty brutal. The head of her crib is still elevated and the warm mist vaporizer going strong, but she’s sleeping so much better I woke 40 minutes BEFORE she did this morning feeling chipper and well-rested. Going to bed at 9:30pm also helps.
  3. The cold had us in a major nap-all-day-any-time mode, but as it slinks off into the sunset it sure looks like it’s leaving us with a two-nap-a-day baby. She took hers at 10am and 1:30pm today. Doesn’t get much nicer than that.
  4. She is still enthusiastic about oranges, grapes, and cheese, and will try almost anything I’m eating, but she’s discovered sugar. To my chagrin. When I carry her around the kitchen, she now stretches her arms out toward the candy jar with a suggestive shriek. Might be time to hide the candy.
  5. Iris is happiest when we’re doing things together. She likes to be involved, and she likes a day with plans. She is delighted to wash windows with me, toddle through the dust heap when I’m sweeping, and was so thrilled with putting away the Christmas decorations that we did it at least three times (she was mostly on the “taking out” detail).
  6. The flip side, of course, is that she is distraught when she cannot be involved. Washing dishes is impossible unless Carl is home. She will stand, clinging to my legs, sobbing her heart out. Talking on the phone is also out of the question. In the first place, she’s pretty sure it’s her phone. She’s cried straight through several of my attempted conversations in the last week alone. I’ve found she’s sort of ok if I use speakerphone and hold it an equal distance between us. Of course, for any serious calls, I can just pass her off to Carl. But I’m not a phone talker, so mostly it’s all a lovely excuse to text instead.
  7. Out of sight is NOT out of mind. She’s very persistent and (well, I would think so, wouldn’t I?) very smart. She likes to play with an animal sounds app on my iPod, she knows what TV remotes do, she is obsessed with the lap top, and she has called Carl and my mom on the phone (she also dialed 991, which is when we stopped playing that particular game). There’s little point in taking the electronic devise away when she’s not looking or hiding the remote under couch cushions. She will go looking for it and complain bitterly when she can’t reach/grab/get to the coveted thing. We’ve started making a point of enforcing a solid no when it’s needed, but so far her favorite toys are also (no surprise) our favorite toys.
  8. She is not at all spoiled.
  9. She is very much like her parents.
  10. We’re very happy.



7 thoughts on “115/365:

  1. Thanks for prompting me to start my day with a smile, a chuckle or two, and a giant serving of delight!!!! Love from TheGrand

  2. Thanks so much for sharing all this fun info, and I always love the pictures! It’s a great way to be able to keep tabs on your little munchkin between chances to see you all. XO, Mom

      • And I forgot to mention that Aaron DEMANDED to wash dishes with me (so I let him stand on a chair and splash some plastic dishes) and made phone calls impossible. We didn’t have i-phones, remotes, and all that cool stuff, but the dynamics were the same. You have it…then I WANT IT!!

  3. Iris sounds like a charming go-getter. So fun!

    When I was dishes, E. pushes his stool over and bumps it right into me so that I will know that I need to move out of his way. I often find myself loading the dishwasher sort of behind and around him.

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