111/365: Latte Love

IMG_9872Yep. I totally put a splash of chai latte in the sippy cup, thinned it with milk, and let her go for it. That’s the kind of fly-by-night parenting we don’t necessarily condone but totally live. Given that Iris is currently snoring against my chest, however, I’m thinking the sugar and caffeine involved in this decision didn’t do much harm.

Also she LOVED it.

And why not? My perk of the day was a peaceable, sans baby ramble through the library. Carl’s perk was a chai latte (still hot) from Starbucks on my way home. Short people also deserve perks, and she spotted ours from the first sip.

She carried hers around until it was almost empty, swigging from the sippy like a pro.

I have a whole stack of fantastic books after my library dash. I tell you, there’s nothing like the bitter cold of January to make you rediscover the thrill of certain topics. Every winter I want to immerse myself in travel, food, and gardening tomes. The more blank my window view, the more I crave rich descriptions of Hawaiian volcanoes and melting butter and the smell of peonies spangled in rain.

… sorry. I think I just made my brain short circuit with happiness.

It’s going to be a good week for bedside reading.


IMG_9871 IMG_9870



6 thoughts on “111/365: Latte Love

  1. Oh my word! I am so dying to be there on your couch or sitting in the kitchen while you putter. BOOOKS! I can’t get enough! And hot drinks and travel dreams and garden, garden, garden thoughts. How do we not obsess about this stuff all year long! Wish I was there with everything in me…we’d have grand dreamy talks. 🙂

    • I KNOW!!!!! It would be fabulous… But in the mean time we have texting. Thank God and Steve Jobs. And thank you for being on the other end. 🙂

  2. Yes! It all sounds so perfect for chasing away the winter greys. I must need to go to the library! Aunt Lizzie and I did go out for chai lattes at the Wealthy St. Bakery on Monday, though, and that was royal fun! Wish you and Carlie could get together too!

  3. I want to catch up on your whole blog, but the third trimester has hit, and I REALLY have to go to bed since I have to take E in for a well-kid visit in the morning. But I did have to pop in and admit to similar fly-by-night parenting (although, I think your milk-based version is probably healthier). E gets a sippy full of water with a couple of tablespoons of Coke Slushie shaken in.

    • Wow. It’s amazing how fast other people’s pregnancies go. LOL. Hope you’re able to get the rest you need. Love that you give E. slushies. Iris would be terribly envious if she knew. She only gets little tastes of Carl’s coke when we go out, and she adores it.

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