104/365: Boxing Day

IMG_9813 copyMy parents’ 10 acre property is still a pretty magical place to me. I spent hundreds of hours out there, and it’s nice to visit again. Woodland has always been peaceful to me, a place to breathe more freely and just be present. I like the sunbaked mud smell of summer and I like the chest-pain cold of winter.

I took these snaps on a ten minute jaunt just as the sunlight was draining away, a quick walk down to the swamp and a skidder across a sheet of newly-frozen ice.

I love our house, I love our neighborhood, I love our yard.

But I’ll probably always miss the woods.

IMG_9819 copy IMG_9826 copy IMG_9817 copy IMG_9827 copy



3 thoughts on “104/365: Boxing Day

  1. I love your parents’ property, too. I remember one time when we were once again house hunting in vain, we were over for a visit and we had the realization that your parents have the house and property that we were looking for.

  2. Our property was a great gift to us from the Lord. I remember asking Andrea’s mother-in-law what she looked for in a house (because they have such an awesome home), and she said she just asked the Lord for a home with a first-floor apt. for her mother…all the rest was “above and beyond.” So, I prayed for a property with some character for my seven outdoor-variety kids, and the Lord gave us so much more! I’m glad you enjoy it, Kathy, and I hope Dad and I can live here for many more years so you all (including Andrea) have a place to come “back” to!

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