103/365: Christmas Day

IMG_9776 copyChristmas was a blur this year—more so than usual and for a lot of reasons. Not an unpleasant blur, but not exactly an artistic one either. We had Christmas morning at our place, then packed up Iris and the car and headed to Kalamazoo to have a Christmas lunch with Carl’s mom (which was about when the serious cold/chills/fever hit me), and then up to Grand Rapids for a Christmas tea time and dinner with my family.

Lovely to see everyone. Lovely to share holiday cheer and presents. Lovely to love and be loved. But soooooooo hard to keep from crawling into a blanketed hole and allowing death to claim body and soul.

Nevertheless: a good Christmas.

Poor Iris was so stuffy that night she needed to be snuggled back to sleep three times before 9pm… at which point we gave up and plopped her down into the middle of our bed, where she slept like an angel. (A minor Christmas miracle. Emboldened by our Christmas success, we tried putting her in bed with us in the latter stretches of last night and the only result was, as Colonel Brandon says, ruination and despair).

Put we’ll take whatever miracles we can have, Christmas or otherwise.

We had a great first {family} Christmas.

Hope yours was great too!




2 thoughts on “103/365: Christmas Day

  1. We had the flu at our house just before Christmas. I’m so sorry you had to have it Christmas day with all that traveling and visiting to do. I’m glad you got a somewhat decent night’s sleep, though, even if it was only one.

  2. Sorry you had the flu, Andrea! Also, sorry your family was sick, Kathryn, although we were SO HAPPY to have you home to celebrate with us! There’s just something about kids (and now grand kids) that make the celebration extra special! 🙂

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