100/365: A Hundred Days



Sun and stone and snow

Honestly, I wasn’t sure I’d make it even this far. The learning curve continues to be a gentle slope, but I’ve been picking up a few things on the way. I know how to straighten crooked photos. I know what aperture is. I know what ten of the ten thousand options in Photoshop do. I still do almost all of my photo snapping, editing, and blog posting with Iris in various states of wakefulness in the carrier, so it can be… interesting.

I had to stoop down to take this one, so low that Iris’s head flopped out of the carrier almost upside down. She didn’t care. Her pacifier continued to bob, the corners of her mouth turning up. Upside down is a fun game too.

And I am, in fact, writing this with Iris standing next to my left knee, and I’m stopping every fifteen words to give her another tiny piece of this morning’s leftover doughnut.

That’s life this December 22, 2012, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Although, as Carl and I occasionally admit to each other: if I could trade places with the me of 2010 for like a weekend, I totally would. Can you imagine? Oh, gosh. I would read in bed all day and then we would go out for dinner and see a real movie in a theater and then sit at Barnes and Noble drinking coffee and looking at even more books and then we would sleep all night and probably the next day too.

In the mean time the house smells like cinnamon, and this baby needs some play time.


2 thoughts on “100/365: A Hundred Days

  1. I’m so glad you wouldn’t trade it for anything…but I wish you could have a free weekend. Maybe in bits and pieces when we’re at Dis together. I wrote most of my letters to Grandma with one of you standing at my knee looking for attention! XO

  2. Congratulations on making it to 100 days! I still think this is such a cool project. You rock for making it happen. And life is all about seasons. You’ll be reading in bed all day and drinking coffee at Barnes and Noble before you know it . . . and maybe even wishing you could trade places with the you from 2012 to hold Iris as a baby one more time.

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