95/365: First Christmas Straight Ahead



Carl snapped this one of Iris checking out the props on her friend Annaliese’s mini photoshoot. Our friends were over for dinner last night, and it seemed like a good chance to squeeze in a few Christmas portraits of our 2012 girls.

Iris is finally old enough to be excited about other little babies, which is both adorable and a total body workout since she hasn’t figured out that you’re not allowed to poke non-doll people in the eyes or explore inside their mouths or climb on top of them. All winning activities in her book.

She gets sturdier and more adventurous every day—toddling farther afield and exploring any object she can reach. And always busy. To give you some idea, my favorite Iris moment last night: making a happy lunge for Annaliese when we weren’t watching her carefully enough, precipitously falling hard on her cupcake bottom, thereby smashing a K cup (which she’d pulled out from a box under the Christmas tree earlier) with a bang, instantly spewing coffee grounds across the entire floor.

On the plus side, the whole room smelled AMAZING after that.


People always told me that babies are who they are straight from the womb, but sometimes it takes a while to see how true that is. As I’ve been scrapping Iris’s newborn album, I’ve been enjoying thinking back to all the little stories and moments from those earliest days, and I remember the nurse in the labor and delivery room—just minutes after the birth—carrying Iris across the room to have her weighed. You have a very strong baby, she told me. She’s already trying to hold her head up.

At the time, I didn’t know that was unusual. But judging by the last nine months, I’m thinking I should have trusted an L&D nurse to know.



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