90/365: Lately (An Inspired List)

IMG_9553 copy


An early Christmas present: an owl mug from Anthropologie. Brimming with coffee and waiting by my scrapbooking stash this morning.

Lately, I have been inspired by:

  • Women who maintain their identities during the early years of parenting. Whether it’s painting, politics, or running a parenting advice blog—the effort it takes to keep a balanced life is enormous. My cap is doffed.
  • Optimists
  • People pursuing higher education—sustained, consistent effort is hard. Thanks for making the world a bigger place. (Also I am envious)
  • Anyone who actually sticks to a cleaning schedule
  • Pinterest (always)
  • Books on using grid systems in typography
  • Political activists. It’s easy to rant. It’s much harder to do
  • The scrappers from the latest Scrapbook Magazine (also why are all the best art magazines always from the UK?)
  • People who make time to take their hobbies seriously
  • Marriages that never ossify—not at five years or at ten or at twenty-five
  • “Feliz Navidad” and “Ave Maria.” My entire holiday playlist could just be variations on those two songs this year—everything you need for an upbeat OR contemplative Christmas event. Think about it
  • People who talk about real things, even if they don’t know you very well
  • People who remember to back up their work and photos
  • Turquoise

Happy 12/12/12, everybody! Don’t forget to be awesome today.


4 thoughts on “90/365: Lately (An Inspired List)

  1. LOVE turquoise! And I am also impressed by people who stick to cleaning schedules and can maintain identities. That is SO hard to do with a small kid. Especially one that doesn’t sleep well!

  2. Lovely list. I’m inspired by you and your ability to keep loving Iris through thick and thin. It’s the only way to go, but even that takes work when you’re seeing double you’re so tired! XOXO

  3. Great list. And have I mentioned how entirely thrilled I am that OWLS have made a comeback? Owls were my toddlerhood obsession, and I still have a few much loved relics. I don’t have the time/money/space to be a full-fledged collector again, but I keep thinking that I would love to get just one more little owl something for old times’ sake, and I’m keeping my eye out for just the right thing.

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