87/365: Straight To My Butt

IMG_9522New skills:

  • Crawling
  • Walking (she will go solo for 6-12 inches before sitting down on the job)
  • Turning off the lights. I tap the switch plate, and she turns the light off for me. The dimmer ones frustrate her, and she can’t turn the lights on. But off is easy peasy.
  • Consonant/vowel sounds together. “Ma,” “Da,” “ba.” This is big for us, because Iris has been almost exclusively focused on motor skills for the last few months—wanting to walk, pull up, pick up small objects, put little toys inside containers, etc.
  • Kissing. It’s the only word we’re 100% sure she understands, although I think she knows “Daddy” because I always talk to her about it when Carl leaves and comes home from work. Not that “kiss” is a bad first word.
  • Eating more solids than milk. I think she’s going to mostly wean herself over the next few months. When she’s sleepy milk ALWAYS sounds good, but otherwise her favorite type of food is other people’s food. She loves meat, cheese, fruit, any soft veggies, and soda. (Oops).
  • Yo Gabba Gabba! We watch a couple of minutes in the morning when we’re all waking up together, and then we watch a few minutes during snack time around 4pm. She gets excited when she sees it, so the only downside is that I get the songs stuck in my head ALL DAY.
  • Sharing her snacks. It started as a game, but now she likes to try to feed her cheese and grapes to us sometimes. I never planned on tasting baby drool, but it’s hard to refuse her eager, slobbery little fist.



3 thoughts on “87/365: Straight To My Butt

    • Yes, WE like to think she’s a genius. In all seriousness, though, it’s been fun to watch how individually kids meet life by comparing Iris to her 2012 cohort. When we spent time with Amelie In August it really confirmed to me just how busy and curious Iris is, while I was totally blown away by how verbal Amelie was at six months.

      Fun, fun stuff.

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