86/365: The Amazing Race

IMG_9506 copyShe crawls! Not quickly, it’s true. She will gauge the distance with a critical air. Too far and she offers a sharp squawk to alert me to the situation. But otherwise she army crawls it, her right leg swinging out wide.

I’ve never seen a crawl quite like hers.

Carl asked me tonight if I ever imagined our baby would be so cute. Mais oui. She comes, does she not, from us. I knew she would be cute. But I had no idea the form her cuteness would take. I didn’t know about the double chin, the reddish hair, the curve of her eyes, the crooked butt crack, the little cave-woman grunts that are strangely eloquent and specific.

The best things—the real things—are always a surprise.



2 thoughts on “86/365: The Amazing Race

  1. Totally adorable, that’s what I think of Iris! Congratulations to her on being a crawler! Way to go, Iris! What I love best about her are her seemingly infinite variety of faces…ever moving, ever changing. Even Monet could never capture them all!

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