84/365: Orange You Happy?



Iris is a big fan of fruit. Being mindful of allergy warnings, we’d been keeping her away from citrus and strawberries. But it’s citrus season, and about a week ago I bought a big bag of clementines for Carl’s lunches and snacking. And, after all, how bad could it be? She wanted it. Just a taste.

Iris and I ate pretty much the whole bag, with the only known side effect being a much more satisfactory poop schedule. Yay fiber. Yay hardy babies.

Besides being delicious, oranges are also endlessly entertaining as toys, and I have fished them out of her toy box multiple times now (there’s another one rolling around the back seat of the car that I never remember to grab). They also act as surrogate security blankets.

She is occasionally lured by flashier toys.


IMG_9492 IMG_9495


But in the end, it’s all about the orange.



3 thoughts on “84/365: Orange You Happy?

  1. Wow, is she cute! I love her happy faces. 🙂

    None of you kids but Stephen ever reacted to citrus (although I did try to keep you away until your first birthday). Stephen broke out with a bright red rash and cried inconsolably, so it must have hurt.

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