80/365: Good Friends

IMG_9309You know the drill, yes? Zero sleep = zero posting. Iris is learning about twelve new skills every day, and the poor woman would really like to sleep but her body just won’t comply. We go into the nursery about six times every night to discover her standing (STANDING!) at the crib rail, miserable and yet strangely… proud.

Driven is a nine month old finding her independence.

Anyway. I compensate by not getting out of my pajamas or leaving the house, sending maudlin texts, and watching terrible TV shows. I mean, in between the usual round of cleaning and walks and playing on the floor.

Yesterday I was about to update my status to say that I wished I my life was one of those rom coms where best friends have absolutely nothing better to do than show up with take out Chinese and commiserate endlessly. I don’t remember why I didn’t—that might have been when Iris decided gravity was her new favorite toy and started throwing everything  on the floor or it might have been because I feel like that status update has been used before, although I can’t remember who or when exactly.

So I didn’t.

And then Melanie emailed to say she really wanted to BAKE CUPCAKES and we hadn’t see each other in a LONG time and what about SOON?

I said yes.

She came over this morning. We made smores cupcakes and gingerbread cookies, ate tuna fish sandwiches, played with Iris, and talked for about five hours straight. I’m still tired, but it’s the good kind. Friends are fabulous. And so are cupcakes.




5 thoughts on “80/365: Good Friends

  1. Those cupcakes are so amazingly gorgeous. If the two of you ever want a career change, you could always start a trendy little cupcake bakery.

    In the meantime, yay for new skills and independence, yay for surviving, and yay for good friends who show up just when you need them.

  2. Three cheers for Mel and the cupcakes. I think I wouldn’t have survived had it not been for my best friend, Suzie, who would call and say, “Mrs. Armstrong,” (using her toddling son Jeff’s best voice and manners), “Are you going crazy?… Let’s get together!” How do you do the cupcake tops? is that browned meringue? It looks amazing!

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