76/365: Pulled Pork Pancakes


Carl makes the best mac’n’cheese and peanut butter and jam sandwiches (not snarking; I always skimp on the peanut butter and stop stirring the mac’n’cheese too soon, which leads to lumps), but pretty much I make everything else. This isn’t a bad division of labor since I enjoy cooking and by the time dinner rolls around I’m pretty happy to hand off the squirmy one and have myself some peace in the kitchen.

But Carl definitely influences the direction of our culinary adventures.

He saw this dish on a Food Network show and, despite my initial misgivings, made it sound delicious. Fluffy buttermilk pancakes! Lightly BBQed pulled pork! Bourbon syrup!

Clearly meant to be.

I found a copycat version here on I Am A Food Blog. Super simple, super easy to follow. We’d had pulled pork sandwiches last night, so I had the leftover pork ready to go this morning. It probably only took 15 minutes to pull the syrup and pancakes together (and if you’re curious, the syrup is really good. It smells strong while cooking down, but I’m guessing most of the alcohol cooks off because I don’t like bourbon and I really liked this).

Carl said the buttermilk pancakes were the best he’s ever had.

I’m filing this recipe under WINNING.


2 thoughts on “76/365: Pulled Pork Pancakes

  1. I love the time I get in the kitchen too! It gives me a non-guilty excuse to give the little one over to his dad for some peace and sanity. I am definitely going to try this!

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