70/365: Favorite Five

Actually, it’s not quite fair to limit her to just five. Now that she’s done hating everything (thanks, colic!), Iris pretty much loves everything. But here are some of her standouts:

  1. Grapes. For a while we were not only slicing her grapes neatly into eighths, we were also peeling them. This made sense about a month ago when she was still finding the peels challenging, but now that she has TWO pearly whites the peeling is happily superfluous. Also we would be spending several hours a day peeling grapes at this point. She LOVES them.
  2. Baths. She’s never been afraid of them, and when Carl’s undressing her for the tub she will do her best to make a break for the water, wiggling and grinning. Even the hair washing part is tolerated fairly well, although she does blink like crazy and grimace and generally look like a granny in a wind tunnel.
  3. Cruising. She’s a wily one. She knows perfectly well that when she’s standing up she can’t be left alone. When she sits, sometimes I do that awful thing where I walk to a different part of the room and do something that does not involve playing with her.
  4. Games. Peek-a-boo, Ship on the Ocean, and Patty Cake are all proven winners, but pretty much anything with clapping or a song wins points with her. I’ve played at tickling her for a long time, but tonight she finally seemed to understand it was a game and burst into giggles.
  5. Her mommy and her daddy (and also her mommy). I mean, let’s face it: There have to be some rewards for knowing all the words to the 1970s Winnie the Pooh theme song. In all seriousness, there is something precious and irreplaceable and slightly National Geographic about the way her eagerness to explore the world is only tempered by her need to have an eye or a hand or preferably a rump on me at all times. She falls asleep and spends the night in her crib now, but she likes to hold or nuzzle my hand while she drifts off. And I am in no hurry to change that.

4 thoughts on “70/365: Favorite Five

  1. Oh! She’s so lovely. Love all her little cutenesses…thanks so much for sharing a list. Keep doing this! Its a great way to get to know her in my distant auntie state.

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