69/365: Fabric

We went to IKEA yesterday for lunch and a little shopping. All we needed were two shelves for the bathroom, but “all we need” is a meaningless, if polite, phrase while shopping at IKEA. We bought little red sleds for our Christmas tree (all red and white and gold this year. We’ve never done a theme before, but am completely hooked now). And we bought new covers for our throw pillows on the couch that brighten up the living room and bring in the red from the tree.

We would have bought a lot more if Iris hadn’t been so squirmy. So, yay, for squirminess. She’s started cruising now, holding on to our hands and hustling around on her own little feet. Being carried is passé. Life is nothing if not a daring adventure.

She has also learned to pull herself to a sitting position from the floor. This is probably true for all babies, but I never knew quite how much babies practice new skills in their sleep, and I had to gently lay her back on her tummy (her preferred position now that she’s a big girl) 10 times Sunday night before she actually stayed. Her eyes were closed and she wanted to be asleep, but then her feet would start twitching and her rump slowly creep higher and higher until one last little shove with her hands and she would be sitting up, staring around with huge eyes, obviously terribly impressed by her own agency…

These things along with the making of granola, the reading of books, the conversing of grownups, and the eating of solids are all coming together to make the fabric of my life these short November days.


2 thoughts on “69/365: Fabric

  1. Must read Vera Brittain.

    Also…love the image of her creeping upward in her sleep. 🙂 What a cunning little clam.

    Happy November! What is the fabric at the top for? Am curious! Love the little cherry x’s.

    Our tree last year was gold with pink and blue accents. Am kind of a fan of themey decorating myself partly because it was so impossibly scorned in my childhood by my kin. Pffffttt….themes! Who does that!?!?

    • I’m sure my fascination with themes has the same root, Carlie. Our plan is to have a “family” tree in the lower level (one of these years when we actually refinish it) with all the homemade, crazy, mismatched ornaments and then have a themey tree in the living room upstairs. I’ve always sort of thought I will have arrive when I have TWO Christmas trees. Carl talks about getting a really skinny little one for our bedroom, but I think my head would explode if I really believed that I’m going to grow up to have THREE Christmas trees every year.

      As Anne of GG would said, what richness.

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