68/365: Odd Jobs

Taking advantage of a last sunny day: I made a run to the hardware store. Carl spray painted a picture frame for the nursery. We finally (!) figured out how to get the Narnia lamp post in our backyard to work. I raked and cleaned out the front garden bed.

And we continued our stellar run of starting off Sunday mornings in bakeries.

Turns out people are cute in downtown Plymouth on Sunday mornings, pulled up jeans and hoodies, hair bundled under caps or up in ponytails, just venturing out for a newspaper or a cup of coffee or a quick dog walk.

We had breakfast sandwiches at Panera and fed Iris a fruit cup. Outside we watched a young forties mom bring a bag of pastries and a coffee tray to her 10 year old daughter and her husband, breath frosty in the cold.

“Look at that family,” I say. “That’ll be us some day.”

And we agree how nice it will be when Iris is old enough to enjoy a coloring book while we read the news and work a crossword.

Not that I have any complaints about today.




2 thoughts on “68/365: Odd Jobs

  1. Yay for the foggy breathed future and for the golden now as well! She’s a cute little button. Love that you guys were out hacking down projects! Way to go!!!!

  2. And yay for fun productivity and bakeries, too, always yay for bakeries. I took our three littlest to one this weekend while Gene had the oldest two out hunting with him, and it was so delicious and lovely to pick out our treats together.

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