62/365: Storms

Disclosure: I didn’t take this picture. In fact, I took zero pictures today

We woke up at 4am to a crashing sound, more scary still because Carl had gone down to sleep on the couch since his crazy-persistent cough was making it impossible for either of us to sleep. I don’t know how obvious it is to near-strangers, but I LOATHE the dark. This has been a sticky point in our marriage, because Carl likes to sleep in bat conditions and I would happily sleep with the lights on (not joking). But there are bat conditions and there are power outages, and this was definitely a power outage.

We didn’t know why the power had gone out (well, besides it was a rainy, windy night) until the next morning when we looked out the bedroom window and into our neighbors’ back yard.

It took them 12 hours to get the tree down, restring the line, and turn the power back on. But it was all good. We went out for a leisurely breakfast and walked around Barnes & Noble. I had a doctor’s appointment. We went grocery shopping and read books.

And then Carl got so bored he brought all the Christmas stuff up from the basement and decorated the house.

Woot, Christmas!

We should have power outages more often.


3 thoughts on “62/365: Storms

  1. Sounds like an awesome power outage. I love how losing power can upset life in some wonderful, freeing kinds of ways. I usually have a million and one plans that I run feverishly in pursuit of, but when we have no power, I get to slow down and just think of what would be nice that day.

  2. Glad the power came on again! Also glad for the Christmas decorations! We’re planning to put ours up the day after Thanksgiving, but I’m already getting excited!

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