61/365: Remembrance

November 11th. Remembrance Day. And how fitting that I’m half way through Vera Brittain’s World War I memoir, Testament of Youth. Carl is still recovering from bronchitis, so we didn’t wander very far today. In the afternoon we sat outside and enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather that blew in yesterday evening.

It’s always strange to me how different it feels—even if the thermometer reads the same—when the ground is cold but the breeze is warm and when the earth is still sunbaked but the air has suddenly turned cool. Today was the former. It felt like spring.

I lay down beach towels and a basket full of toys for Iris, so of course she instantly scuttled to the edge of the towel and started playing with the dry leaves. I snapped the picture above when Carl came outside and she first caught sight of him.

Sweet girl.

Carl sketched and I read. Until Iris got bored, and then it was play time.

Just a nice, simple day. We both needed it: Carl for his bronchitis, me for the random social media drama that I’m not even sure how to sum up this time. It was special. I guess that sums it up.

But nothing a little basking can’t fix. An afternoon glow. A few dozen pages. A happily shrieking baby. We lounge to live another day.




3 thoughts on “61/365: Remembrance

  1. Wonderful pictures, and I’m glad you had a sunny day! We missed being able to see you, but Dad was happy to miss the likelihood of getting sick (since he’s feeling very tired anyway). It was super warm and breezy in GR, so we had a really lovely afternoon sweeping leaves, tucking away lawn furniture and the kayak, and rearranging the basement. We miss you three, though!

  2. Love your thought about the difference between spring and fall weather. I never saw it like that before. I hope Carl feels better fast. I could hope for the drama to blow over fast, too. But social media seems to grow drama faster than all natural baked goods grow mold. So I guess I’ll just hope for the drama to be less intense or for lots of chances to rest and recover from it.

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