48/365: Kahlua Pigs

In Hawaii, we had some delicious kahlua pig—once at the Polynesian Cultural Center and once in some amazing burritos on the beach. But this snap is from last night when we became truly one with the kahlua pig by baking an entire kahlua cake just for the three of us.

I promise I don’t let her go crazy with the sugar every day, and we are actually (slowly) cutting out a lot of processed carbs from our diet (haven’t bought soda in months). But I don’t see myself ever getting to the point where I cry foul on every dessert.

Mindfulness is all I’m aiming for.

It’s pretty amazing how much carbage there is in the typical American diet when you think about it. And I could really go off about this book I think everyone should read (Good Calorie, Bad Calorie), and how my sister-in-law Carlie and I made a low-carb pact this summer (she is much better at it than I am), and how I almost immediately dropped the last, stubborn 10 pounds of baby weight… just from cutting out the breads and rice and pastas. I pay no attention to fat. I sauté things in real butter. I have heavy cream in my coffee every morning. I eat bacon and eggs for breakfast, and I am never hungry.

I have—full disclosure—also gotten tired of eggy things for breakfast. And I haven’t continued to lose any weight since I started cheating with kahlua cakes and pancakes. Although I haven’t gained anything back either.

I also suspect people have different thresholds for eating carbs without upsetting the body balance, and from what I can tell mine is somewhere in the ballpark of about 100 grams per day.

Now… if only I didn’t like baking so much…



2 thoughts on “48/365: Kahlua Pigs

  1. Okay, so I need to try some of this kalua cake. It sounds fab! I must be built like you: no carbs= weight loss; watching carbs (and satisfying my sweet tooth)= maintaining weight. I’m trying to EXERCISE as a means of allowing some small carb favors and still take some of your tiny turtle steps toward weight loss. 🙂

  2. See, this would be so much easier for me if I was a normal person who liked coffee. But instead I like Coke slushies. They are evil in every respect, except that they are fabulous. And coffee is disgusting. And I am a tired mom. I also like to bake, but I wouldn’t mind so much getting into all those paleo baking tricks if it just weren’t for the slushies. So mostly, I just exercise like a crazy person. It’s a good thing I like that, too.

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