46/365: Just Us


I remember in bed. Getting up being out of the question really, I snag Carl’s iPhone and after only one misfire (the top of my head being missing) and almost dropping it on our faces and both being blinded by the stupid flash: there we are.

Then email to myself and upload to WordPress.

Here we are.

Tired and achy and stressed, yet unwilling to go to sleep just yet. Instead we gloat over video of Iris in the bath tub–how sweet and silly she looks having her downy hair rinsed out. Laugh about stupid things and watch random trailers.

So hard to sleep.

So little time to be just us.


5 thoughts on “46/365: Just Us

  1. FANTASTIC picture of you two. Truly. You look beautiful, friend. I completely understand this. I was exhausted last night, but instead of going to sleep, Rick and I carved pumpkins in a semi-lighted living room, talking a little above a whisper, because baby A was asleep in her crib 7 feet away. Then we got in bed (even though Rick would stay up for another few hours due to his work schedule), and we chatted and cuddled until I fell asleep. And it was a glorious night (as tired as I was), because it was time, as you said, “to just be us.” đŸ™‚ Let’s talk soon, please… love you!

    • On a side-note… don’t really love emoticons. Prefer my colon and parentheses as a smiley face to a cheesy-smile on a yellow circle face any day. Jusy f.y.i. haha : )

  2. That’s one of my favorite shots of all time. You look so happy together. That kind of late night, drowsy, heady fun when you’re impossibly tired but craving hanging out is my favorite.

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