44/365: Work

Why are so many of these pictures food? Food and Iris and occasionally nature. You see the deep workings of my mind. Also the vast amounts of time I am NOT spending on photo-snapping these days.

I did have a decent excuse yesterday, as Joel and I spent most of the day coming up with a concept and scripting and shooting and editing a 2 minute short film. Because… it seemed like the thing to do. Are there better reasons for doing things?

I’m not sure there are.

In more regretful news, I wish there was more time for actually communicating things. We had some good talks about creativity and art and life and books, and there are lots of things I would like to write about if Iris wasn’t (not making this up) climbing all over me shrieking “Ai-eeeeee. EEEEEEEEEE. Yi-GEEEEEEEEEEE” in a plaintive, injured way.

Poor woman.



2 thoughts on “44/365: Work

  1. Was this dinner last night? Yum. I think many of my letters to Grandma had a line somewhere about the current baby gnawing on my knee or being a shrieking cat. A mother in serious thought is against the rules!

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