42/365: In the Garden of Mostly Good

Am back to digging and grubbing in the dirt—with a whiff of desperation as the days are getting short here in Michigan. After losing my motivation and about 60% of my sanity this summer, most of what I had done in the spring has long since come undone.

It doesn’t matter.

The garden tools were still where I left them. Nobody moved the yard; and the sense of peace there is the same. Iris fell asleep in the backpack, her face snuggled into my shirt, and I cut down sheets of ivy to find the garden beds below.

We came inside and roasted the pumpkin from Iris’s Halloween photo shoot for pumpkin soup. Assembled a feta/cranberry/walnut/green apple salad. Played (Iris with her toys, and me with mine… Carl showed me how to use a bunch of the filter settings in PhotoShop. Going to work with those for a while and then—YES, THEN—I want to learn how to edit and shoot video with our camera (it wouldn’t be hard except the focus is manual and I suck at that. Also Iris moves quickly).

But for now the backyard beds are cleaned out and the leaves are raked.

Am feeling good.


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