41/365: Cider and Donuts and DUCKS

Just splashing up a few quick photos before the babesitter arrives. Despite best laid plans, etc, Carl and I haven’t been out on our own since my birthday. Well, so much for all those good intentions about once a week.

Iris decided she would not take, did not need, and in fact HATES early afternoon naps, so instead of hurling breakable objects against the wall (my usual fantasy when naps fail) we decided to go eat donuts at the cider mill.

Turns out they have fresh cider at the Northville mill.

Iris was a big fan of the slushy.




2 thoughts on “41/365: Cider and Donuts and DUCKS

  1. Oh man, oh man! I wish I could go out for cider and donuts with you! We’re in the land of Dunkin’ Donuts at the moment, and I still haven’t eaten a single one! Must be something seriously wrong with me…

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