38/365: Working for the Woman

Carl was up until around 3 last night, finishing a series look that was due in the morning. The run to Christmas is, as Christina Rossetti would attest, uphill all the way.

I feel badly that he’s working so hard… although my nighttime schedule is no picnic either, and at our current rate of progress shows no sign of improving by Christmas or any particular deadline known to man (woman children not withstanding. Speaking of “man” I was invited to revise the narrative portions of the Christmas program and did my very upmost to shine up the script… which included changing all 6 references to “man.” Woot. It’s almost like getting paid).

But if my nights are long, my evenings are cozy.

Give me books, endless mugs of tea, and an iPod and I am a happy camper.

As long as there is no actual camping involved.



2 thoughts on “38/365: Working for the Woman

  1. Praying for you three. Working half the night sounds horrible, although (as I recall) getting up a half a dozen times at night with la babee isn’t so fun either! XO

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