36/365: Practice

Iris is going to be a mouse for Halloween—a pink tutued mouse with a similarly pink hair bow. In case you’re wondering, this does not negate my general feelings of ambivalence for the socializing of gender in young girls. So why am I dressing Iris in a tutu?

Because I felt like it.

Welcome to earth.

In less combative news (although I’m feeling fairly combative today, not going to lie), we got our new furnace yesterday. The house is deliciously warm. Iris is not wearing a winter hat to play in the living room. That’s pretty great. We also baked our first pumpkin cheesecake, did a practice run with the costume (which is both too large AND too small in places), and admired Iris’s two bottom teeth.

Iris is also very keen on practicing the sharing of York mints.

She really needs to work on the “sharing” part.


2 thoughts on “36/365: Practice

  1. I love her costume! She is such a doll! There’s something in this picture especially that reminds me of you, maybe the view of looking down from above…(?)

    Three cheers for the furnace and warmth!

  2. Yay for your furnace, and yay for York mints and good parents who put their children’s social development high enough on their priority list that they provide plenty of York mints for sharing practice.

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