22/365: A Neighborly Branch

the neighbor’s tree

We didn’t wander too far afield today. Iris had another crappy night, and I am zonked. She’s definitely teething now, and in order to actually get some quality naptime sleep in her I had to wear her in the carrier most of the afternoon.

Carl and I celebrated not punching anyone by baking brownies and making very thick, chocolatey, gooey frosting to go with. And then we sat down to watch the debate, and I instantly wanted to punch people again.

Must be bedtime.



2 thoughts on “22/365: A Neighborly Branch

  1. Sigh. The debate. Most of the time, I do not at all regret not having TV. But every once in a while, I sort of think it would be nice. I kinda was curious about the debate. Not that anyone would have said anything that wasn’t pure politics and zero substance, but somehow, it still seems important. Oh, well. At least I’m spared wanting to punch anyone. The brownies sounded good though. And I hope Iris’s tooth/teeth pop through soon. It’s amazing how fast they cheer up, once that pressure’s gone.

  2. We watched the debate on my computer, being TVless and happy about it! But, I’m not as jaundiced as the younger generation and still have hope that Mitt will prove to be a statesman if he’s elected. I do believe in his international and fiscal policies, and I believe he at least believes in what he says and says what he believes. About the 12 million jobs…well, I wish!

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