17/365: Cider Mill Playdate

I’ve joined MOPs—that’s Moms of Preschoolers for those of you without the small and snuggly. Just part of my “ha ha! I will be an adult who connects with peers” (and yes, the reflexive “ha ha” is necessary as I think it nicely illustrates my normal level of comfort in social settings).

Anyway, we had our first playdate today. (It was great, thanks). Perfect weather, and it turns out the cider mill favored by moppers of Plymouth is the same one that is literally a matter of yards from the driveway of my childhood besties’ parents home. Who knew? The cider and donuts were great, but so was the vintage deja vu of zipping along Curtis Road, trying to catch a glimpse of the horses trotting around the oval track by the corner of N. Territorial. I remembering watching for that track every time we drove to church when I was four or five. Funny and lovely and heart-softening to drive by it now with my own baby sleeping in the back seat…

Although driving anywhere with Iris asleep is pretty dang lovely.

Just picked the last of the straw off her skinnies before laying her down for a nap. Good stuff, these September days.



3 thoughts on “17/365: Cider Mill Playdate

  1. You found a cider mill with cider?! Which one? The one by our friends’ house is only selling donuts because they lost their entire apple crop to the terrible weather this winter. And great pictures. I love the one with Iris’s eyes screwed up tight.

    • Heh. It’s a faux mill. They make their own donuts, but the cider is shipped in. It’s not too shabby though. It’s called Three Cedars and it’s in Northville area. Super cute and lots of animals and play areas.

  2. I don’t remember it. Wiard’s isn’t too far away, and we used to go there sometimes. Here at Robinettes they’re selling cider they froze from last year. Sigh. BUT, the donuts are superb, aren’t they?!

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