16/365: Long and windy walks


Iris still hates car rides, so we don’t get out much during the week. But we do go for walks. Longs of long, sanity-boosting walks. It’s about the perfect time of year for them too: the leaves are all changing and the air is crisping up nicely.

I’ve started dabbling with Photoshop in the evenings when Carl is around to troubleshoot (both program and baby). And then I got sucked into Damages and was two episodes away from the season one finale last night, so naturally…

But I did TAKE this picture yesterday. And I MAY get around to color correcting it tonight, so if the whites don’t look as blown out and the colors look lovely then you’re seeing this afterward and you can disregard this whole paragraph. Maybe I will even delete this paragraph. We need all the vanity blogging possible these days, because I swear mostly all I do know is sit around the house in pajamas singing “ba-ba-ba-barbara a-annnnnnnnnnn” because “ba-ba” is the only consonant sound Iris can make, and therefore the extent of my day-time conversations.

I have been more put-together in my life.

Pretty sure.


2 thoughts on “16/365: Long and windy walks

  1. Most of my babies hate the car, too. I have lamented on many occasions that I can’t just walk everywhere I need to go. I’d love to just strap my baby on and walk to the grocery store, shop my way through baby’s nap and walk home, maybe with one of those New Yorker-type shopping basket thingies. For the whole first year, cars are pretty much the worst ever.

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