15/365: In Which Things Are Fried

Watching Joel make falafel totally inspired me. Frying is easy, I said. Will make fish and chips, I said. Never mind that I know nothing about fish and have never tried to make french fries before.

We ended up at Wendy’s about an hour later.

Carl said the fish wasn’t bad, and the tartar sauce was actually GOOD. But the french fries were floppy and sad. And I don’t like fish. Somehow I forgot that key fact once again. I do, however, LOVE burgers, and Iris was a big fan of the highchair (her first restaurant highchair!), and Carl is a good sport. So all’s well that ends well, yes?



4 thoughts on “15/365: In Which Things Are Fried

  1. Yes! All is well when you’ve got a great family and a quick fix for fun. Let’s forget fried fish and make fried donuts next time you come home!

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