14/365: Tale of a Toothbrush

Ever since Iris was ridiculously young—like 10 or 12 weeks—she has been fascinated by our toothbrushes. In fact, it was one of the first times I noticed her really studying what we were doing with total concentration. I suppose she was used to us putting food in our mouths, but something we put in and swished around and TOOK OUT. That was novel.

When she learned how to grab, she would practice grabbing at the toothbrush as it went by. And then one day over this past weekend I came downstairs and found her playing with a toothbrush.

Her very own toothbrush. (Daddy is a softie).

One of the big kids now, and never mind that she doesn’t have any teeth. She is pleased.

She doesn’t always get it right.

But she is VERY pleased.


4 thoughts on “14/365: Tale of a Toothbrush

  1. Maybe Iris will be a dentist when she grows up. Do you remember what Daniel wanted for his 2nd birthday? “An oily B (Oral B toothpaste) and a chopstick (chapstick).” I LOVE the look on Iris’ face…she’s got the prize, and she knows it!

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