11/365: Getting By

Well, it won’t be official for another hour or so, but I’m going to knock on wood and say Iris and I have survived our three days without Carl. He left us on Tuesday for a conference in Chicago, and we’ve been getting by…

Including a long visit from Joel, cider mill strolling, windy neighborhood walking, puzzle-building, movie watching, falafel frying, all-day-pajama lounging, and lots and lots of talking.

We get by in style around these parts.


3 thoughts on “11/365: Getting By

  1. Boy, do I miss you three! Glad your time went so well. Been praying for you and for a good trip for Carl. I’m looking forward to having Carl back to you and Joel back to me tonight! XO

  2. Ha ha to Andrea!

    I think Joel coming by to help make delicious things AND coffee (my favorite thing he makes) would make a solo parenting gig flash by quite happily for me too.

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