6/365: Last Lights

The party was lovely. And suddenly I looked around and it was over. Carl was upstairs putting Iris to bed. The dishes were washed (thanks Dad and Mom!). The balloons were still floating, but the table was empty. Lights dimmed. House quiet.

And I hadn’t taken a single picture.

Carl did. Mom did… But I didn’t. And I can’t post other people’s pictures. That defeats the obj. So I grabbed the camera and padded around the house looking for something festive and partylike.


Just the candle I lit 7 hours ago to disperse the lingering scent of our quick pizza lunch, still flickering on. I may not have gotten the party, but I did capture the feeling it’s left with me.

Love my peeps.


3 thoughts on “6/365: Last Lights

  1. Aw! And I love my little girl who’s grown up to be such a wonderful person and has her own precious husband and adorable baby! The party left Dad and me all warm like candlelight too!

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