4/365: Hinting

“…and soon the leaves will be/ dropping like hints…”

Just one of the turns on our daily walk. Today I put Iris in a hoodie for our morning outing. The air is starting to crisp, and I stashed the camera in the stroller just in case.

So glad I did.

Also, if you can’t tell, Carl gently suggested that if I was going to do a 365 project, I just might want to consider using one of the many editing programs already installed on our computer…

So this one’s for you, Carl.

A bolder, more saturated world awaits!!


3 thoughts on “4/365: Hinting

  1. :Sigh: Fall color. We’ve gone none of that down here. There is a possibility I may be venturing up your direction the second week in October (still tentative). Hope there is still some color around by then. Miss you guys terribly!

  2. How charmingly professional of Carl. Gene would have done the very same thing. It reminds me of the time I asked for instructions on how to print pictures and was first given a tutorial on photo editing (because WHY would you print a picture with poor saturation, blown highlights, and a screaming need for sharpening???).

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