1/365: Jetlagged

So it begins: my thirties and a brand new 365 Project, already lagging behind since I don’t think I took any post-birthday photos on our recent vacation. Oh well. I figure even if I miss a LOT of days, I’m still more likely to blog than before. As Iris gets busier (nearly mobile—she is furious that she can’t move forward and only slightly less annoyed that she can’t put it in reverse without plowing her face into the ground)… yeah, I get pickier about my time.

Anyway I picture is worth a thousand, right?


I snapped this one in the nursery today, and YES, there are 3 cushions on that chair. Helping a baby readjust after a collective 12 hours time zone extravabonanza is no joke. Anything that keeps either humor or butt intact is necessary. Last night Iris didn’t go to sleep until 11:30pm. She sat up on the couch until then watching TV with us, and she may also have been eating potato chips.

I may have looked over at Carl around 11 and used the phrase “check yourself before you wreck yourself” in reference to our parenting.

We didn’t let her sleep in past 8:45 this morning.

We’re figuring things out.


2 thoughts on “1/365: Jetlagged

  1. I’m impressed that you’re even doing the 365 project. I only think about doing it. Anyway, welcome back. Happy jet lag adjusting. My in-laws who travel the world on a fairly regular basis say that it takes one day of adjustment per time zone you cross, and my tiny bit of experience has found that to be about right. So here’s hoping Iris gets back on track by day twelve.

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