To Camp!


Happy August!!

Time to grab those long lists of summer activities that sounded so AMAZING in February and get cracking. Since most of my summer fun has consisted of sprinting from one air conditioned lair to another, Iris and I will be packing our bags soon and heading to the inaugural week of Camp Armstrong.

Sadly for us, Carl will only be up for the weekend since he can’t take the time off from work. But before you feel TOO badly, he already has plans to see movies, have video game marathons with friends, and sleep through the night every night. I haven’t noticed him looking terribly forlorn.

But we–yes, we two hardy and perhaps foolish souls–are going to camp.

Camp Armstrong has been in the
M’s mind for years, but it finally got enough votes to materialize after Christmas this past year. With over twenty people in our family (yay baby boom!), it gets a bit squishy in my parents’ house. Not to mention loud. And then, being winter, there was that obligatory flu that went around. Don’t get me wrong: it was super fun.

Just kind of traumatizing too.

Thus camp.

My parents have ten acres of land, complete with a somewhat weedy sand volleyball court and a very weedy lake. Also a pool and a sampling of air conditioning units.

I’m looking forward to it. We’re keeping the scheduling to a minimum this first year–just KP assignments, a few outings, and a couple of designated nursery times so the rest of the adults can have a conversation… or tennis match… or painting workshop.

Just good summer fun.

My hopes are running about as high as the temps. Woot for family. Woot for camp.


3 thoughts on “To Camp!

  1. Stephen double rototilled the volleyball court and we got 10 yards of fresh beach sand, so it was in super shape before all the rains encouraged new weeds. Dad and the guys also put in a ramshackle dock (think U.P. mountain trails) so we can get out past the lily pads without sinking into 2 feet of muck. Things are definitely looking up! Can’t WAIT to see you guys tonight! Gerlinde just skyped me with Amelie, and Andrea’s family is coming Sunday to swell the numbers by 7.5 more, so I’m guessing things will be OUT OF CONTROL fun!!!

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