Photograph ALL the Days?

We are now five weeks out from my birthday, so prime self-evaluation/goal-setting/list-making territory, and one of the goals I am most tempted by is the 365 project. You’ve heard of those, right? Where you take a picture every day of the year and end up with a seamless record of every single day?

I’m tempted.

Consistency is not my greatest virtue, but I’m tempted.

And what better year than my thirtieth? A nice round number, now most definitely an adult. Also a parent, which makes for easy subject material when the inspiration lacks. And it would be a brilliant excuse to work more on my photography chops—something I’m always hoping to do and rarely doing.

We’ll see.

In the mean time I evaluate like mad, start endless notes on my iPod with grandiose titles, and plan my birthday party (a theme party! My first since I was 5!).

Oh. And play Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Iris is finally old enough to think it’s the bomb.



3 thoughts on “Photograph ALL the Days?

  1. Did you see the Dutch guy who took a picture of his child every day up through adulthood and edited a video with all of them? Very cool.

  2. I did the one minute video project with Joel and loved it. (Of course, it got thrown out, but at least I still have Joel!) What a great idea. I hope you do it!

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