Eating Food of this Kind

Maybe someday I’ll feel sufficiently removed. Maybe someday I’ll talk about it. (Ok, so we all know that answer is yes). But out of the last five nights, we have had four peaceful bedtimes and four good nights, and if the curtain wants to fall on Act I of parenthood, I’m not going to be the one to prop it back up.

But in case you missed out on colicky infancy let’s just say that by the end I was literally hallucinating dark spots out of the corner of my eyes, and, yes, I thought they were spiders.

Every stinking time.

At 4 months, Iris is growing by bounds and learning all kinds of new tricks. She sucks on her toes and blows bubbles. She rolls over (mostly to escape the hated tummy time). She grabs for toys, puts everything in her mouth, and drools like a basset.

And then she learned about food.

I snapped this series on my iPod, so pardon the low resolution. But, gosh, have you ever??

Is that…. A plate?

Maybe if I just…

Ha ha!!!!

Do you not just die? I tell Carl that someday I am going to spontaneously combust from all this cuteness.

Sweet little woman.


2 thoughts on “Eating Food of this Kind

  1. Bwahahahaha!!!!!!! Those are wonderful! Go you for catching the moment!

    I wish you much survival, much hope, lots of future and far fewer spiders. *hugs*

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