The Week That Was


I started work again, and although it’s very part-time, pretty much all the random minutes I found went to article writing this week. Well. Actually a lot of things happened this week.

Iris learned to grab her toes.

Also to yell at the TV when bad calls are made in tennis. (I know. Babies aren’t supposed to watch TV. But it’s the French Open. And she loves watching the people run around).

Carl got strong enough to carry Iris around, although this picture doesn’t do justice to the awesomeness that was Carl getting up at 6am this morning to rock Iris back to sleep WHILE I SLEPT. You understand my reluctance to jump around documenting the moment.

Other things happened, of course. I read a memoir about a woman who lost her faith in God. We started round 2 of Iris-Sleeping-In-Her-Own-Room (surprisingly well, thanks. She wakes up about half as often). Iris graduated to size 2 diapers (amazing how few blowouts you have when the diaper size is correct). We had our first mommy-baby outing to the mall. I ordered enough photo prints to fill 3 baby books… and we’ve only lived the first 3 months. And we discovered that Trader Joe’s has AMAZING quick prepare Chinese meals. Mmm.

But I think that covers the bases.

Hope you all had a good week too.


3 thoughts on “The Week That Was

  1. It sounds like things are creeping ever farther in the direction of normal. I’m breathing a deep sigh of empathetic relief. And I smiled this morning to see an Aqueduct update in my inbox. I had wondered briefly why “Jon” wasn’t updating, but then I figured it out. 🙂

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