Our Chocolate Bunny

We have a tiny rabbit living in the front garden.

I see her every now and then, dashing into a thicket of lily greens or under the ornamental shrub as we pull into the driveway or tumble out the door, tangled up in carseat, diaper bag, coffee mug, keys. Two perky ears and a quivering, quick-silver body.

Her size tells me she—like Iris—is a 2012 edition, and I’d be tempted to believe we’re actually seeing a succession of rabbit siblings, but I only ever see one, and I never see a more grown up looking rabbit.

Just our little gal, exactly the size of a small Hershey Easter rabbit, which is why, of course, I call her the Chocolate Bunny.

We also have a woodchuck, so comfortably a part of the property that I see him nibbling on the back lawn at all hours, scampering across the front cement slab that doubles as a porch.  At least one chipmunk (I’ve missed chipmunks. I never saw them at the apartment). Two very quarrelsome raccoons who regularly tip over our trash and tussle over the bacon drippings and carry out boxes (I pick up the shredded diapers the next morning, kicking myself for forgetting yet again to latch the top). A couple of goldfinches and several very plump robins.

I still haven’t driven by our old apartment to see if the bird feeder I forgot to pack is hanging out. Carl and I occasionally talk about it, forever intending to pick it up. We haven’t. We probably won’t. One of these days I’ll buy a new one, hang it up, start watching to see if we can attract any of the thrushes, finches, sparrows, songbirds of all kinds that must be living in the parkland behind our property.

I just love living things—plants and animals and whatever sets tentative nose or root in our yard.

In our house, not so much.

I’ve become somewhat sentimental about ants, but I have to tell you I’ve found a whole new respect for Carl’s crutches. They are AWESOME for killing spiders.

I totally just armed myself with one to venture into the basement to change over the laundry. No more tissues and arm’s reach for me. I now have a four-foot kill range. Huzzah!


2 thoughts on “Our Chocolate Bunny

  1. All those cutsie critters will be eating your garden, so get ready to share. We’ve got a similar menagerie here, although I am at war with the chipmunks because they eat all my bulbs. Your chocolate bunny is sure cute. We have about a half a dozen that zip away or sit and stare when we drive by. Most of them are teenagers, although every once in a while I”ll see a tiny one, and there are two big fat ones down by the field…probably the great grandparents.

  2. Hilarious that you’re killing spiders with C’s crutches…what will you do when he doesn’t have them anymore? I envision you with a spare pair in your utility closet, next to the brooms. 😛

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