A Day of Mothering

We had a good one. Carl used his super daddy powers to put Iris down for her morning nap while I made lemon poppy seed pancakes with strawberries and cream for breakfast.

We were both successful.

Then it was a quiet day for us. Carl got slapped with some last minute projects and had to put in a couple of hours telecommuting from the couch. Iris and I went for a walk and killed a whole mess of zombies in Plants vs. on the iPod. For a girl who never watches zombie movies, I sure do love slaying them. Maybe it’s all the cute peashooter plants. I do like to garden.

We went out for a late lunch to Pei Wei and walked around Archiver’s to look at all the fantastic scrapbookery. I don’t know when I’ll find the time to get back into it, but I did pick up a couple of cute things for Iris’s baby book. So maybe someday…

And then we were off to a family birthday party.

A good day by all counts.

And not to jinx anything, but Iris slept for a 4.5 hour stretch last night, her longest ever. Somebody loves her mommy.



6 thoughts on “A Day of Mothering

  1. Oh heaven! 4.5 hours is gold! How exciting!

    I am slobbering at the thought of lemon poppyseed pancakes without even considering the strawberries and cream to boot! Yummo!

  2. Those pancakes look unbelievably delicious. And those 4.5 hours sound pretty delicious, too. I hope that’s a Mother’s Day gift Iris gives you often.

  3. Thanks, guys! The pancake recipe is the highest reviewed “lemon pancake” recipe on Allrecipes.com. I followed it exactly, and they turned out great. For a more pronounced lemon flavor, I think I’d add more zest next time.

    Hope you all had a great weekend!

  4. Loved the pictures! Loved your cards! Love having you for my daughter, and I’m looking forward to our celebration this weekend!!

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