Cupcakes & Henry James

I haven’t been particularly zealous about getting Iris on a schedule, and for the first six weeks we did whatever, whenever, however. It worked for us, and by worked I mean we are all still alive and we all still like each other.

And then about six weeks, something magical happened.

We started to find our groove. I’ve thrown out most of the Baby Whisperer sleep stuff (although, if you’re going to try some method of sleep training, this seems like a fairly sane one for an older infant) so this isn’t one of those jubilant endorsements. But I did like the Eat, Activity, Sleep pattern she outlines… mostly because it seemed to be what Iris wanted to do during the day anyway. And when I noticed Iris getting into a 3 hour nursing cycle, I got much better at predicting the best times for errands and the best times for staying home.

On paper it doesn’t look very impressive. Sometimes she wants lunch at 11:30 and sometimes her nap runs long and she’s not up until 1:30, but it works for us. (Ok, it works for 3 cycles until evening hits and then we fall back into cue mode).

It works so well during the day that after we dropped Carl off at work yesterday we went to Plymouth’s annual Green Street Fair. By ourselves. Also the library.

It was great.

Iris napped in her stroller. I scored a hard cover Henry James for a buck, lingered in organic soap stalls, and bought cupcakes for dinner. And then we went home.

10 minutes later, Iris woke up for her lunch. And while she nursed I totally ate a cupcake and read Henry James.

When there’s light at the end of them, tunnels can be pretty cool things.


3 thoughts on “Cupcakes & Henry James

  1. Even blurry, that cupcake looks amazing. And I really, really hope there’s indeed light at the end of your tunnel.

  2. You kids never got super regulated for very long, but once you have even a partial rhythm, I think life gets much more bearable and at times downright lovely! Hope this is on the horizon for you!

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