Muddy Knees

Two of the four wheels of irises in the front garden have started to bloom, finally revealing their true colors. Cyndi Lauper would be so proud. I probably wouldn’t have picked out that regal yellow with the eggplant cheeks, but it’s nice to have a house with history too. Somebody liked those colors. Somebody planted the front garden around them.

And they are, after all, irises.

I can’t quarrel with that.

I have, in fits and starts, managed to pull most of the weeds in the front bed, leaving quite a lot of empty space around the few remaining perennials. Iris and I finally got up the gumption to do something about it this week.

She slept through the shopping bit, where I wandered endlessly through the rows of annuals at Meijer trying to come up with a color scheme to match the irises. We finally settled on an assortment of purple, yellow, and pink.

I think the violas are my favorite addition. So pretty! So vibrant!

Also so cheap, as I think I spent $2.99 on a carton of 10.

Iris was particularly chillaxed that afternoon, so I was able to set her in her bouncy seat in the front porch shade and go about the business of deciding what looked best where (the yellow zinnias I picked out fought with the yellow of the irises and had to be separated, while the violas looked perfect next to them). It was all very complicated and (honestly) lovely. There’s nothing like being REALLY overwhelmingly busy for giving zest to those quiet moments when you actually have time for otherwise aimless household tasks.

Luxurious, warm weather. Beautiful flowers. Working with my hands. Excellent company.

Our kind of day.


4 thoughts on “Muddy Knees

    • Thanks! This is my first year gardening, so I’m having to spend lots of time googling for advice. But it sure is fun!

  1. That’s an awesome pic of Iris! What an adorable expression! And yay for planting flowers! I think that’s probably the thing that gives me the most joy and satisfaction outside, even over growing my own food. Beauty feeds the soul.

  2. Great picture of Iris!! She looks so cute and inquiring. I’ve been sprucing up our garden room but haven’t ventured to outdoor venues except to weed so far!

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