The Healing Power of Cheeses

The nights have been short and, at times, quite painful, but we have our good moments too. Like earlier this week when Joel whipped over for a brisk 24 hour visit. The night was hellacious, as Iris decided to spend 3 hours fighting sleep and then popped up again at her now-usual 6am.

I cried.

Fortunately there is balm, as they say, in Gilead.

Joel was up on the early side too. We made strong coffee and sat around. Then, since Carl was now entertaining Iris, we decided what we really needed was a quiche. I had a pie crust in the freezer, some leftover sharp cheddar from a Bon Appetit mac’n’cheese, a little broccoli, half and half instead of coffee creamer.

Before the egg and cream unite

It was delicious.

Blake stopped by to pick up Carl for work, and we gave him some quiche because it was just that good and we’re just that nice. Once they took off, Joel and I recommenced the morning lounge, agreeing that it’s quite nice to live literary sorts of lives where we can bake random things and sit around talking about books on a Tuesday morning.

I gave him Little Bee and a few other books. We discussed the trickiness of writing structurally sound endings in fiction.

And then we packed up Tiny Woman and drove out to Rochester Hills in time to pick up the daily tour of Meadowbrook Hall. You aren’t allowed to take photos, so we didn’t, but it’s sort of astonishing to drive 30 minutes into the Michigan suburbs and find an ENORMOUS Tudor revival mansion, quite magnificently along the lines of the great English estates.

I forget all the bragging rights, but it’s one of the largest homes in the United States and while it’s obviously American in certain details (especially in the eclectic mix and match of styles) it really does look like one of those beautiful National Trust estates you see in the UK. It was built by the widow of John Dodge, one of the founders of the Dodge auto company, and I hear rumors there’s a Henry Ford mansion also worth a tour, so we may have to check that out next time.

I am addicted to English country houses, so it was totally worth the $15 tour in my book.

We made it home in time to start rummaging around for dinnerish things, and then Woman and I went to pick up Carl while Joel pulled together a delicious chicken and asparagus pasta with white sauce. Later, he made an apple crisp…

I do enjoy a good Joel visit.


4 thoughts on “The Healing Power of Cheeses

  1. I had no idea we had something like that around here! So fun to know.

    And I’m so glad you go to have tons of delicious Joel time and fabulous food. Family is the greatest.

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