Grandpa Hugs, Grandma Kisses

Dad and the M zipped over yesterday to pick up the car they loaned us… and spend some quality time with Tiny. Nice to have parents who live close. Nice to have parents who loan cars and are eager to help out.

Just nice to have parents.

And so nice when the people you love… also love each other.



4 thoughts on “Grandpa Hugs, Grandma Kisses

  1. Iris is a real cutie! Loved the pictures. So glad that Mom and Dad could come and visit. Yes. Iris is truly blessed to have grandparents live so close. That’s something I really miss out here.

  2. Such great pictures! Iris’s personality is just developing at the speed of light. It’s also pretty fun because in the second picture from the top, she looks so much like Carl, and then in the last picture, she looks like you.

  3. What beautiful portraits! These are framables. Family is pretty darn wonderful. Wish I could come join the party for an afternoon too. I’m just dying to hold her.

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