Ladies and Gentlemen:

We have wheels! Four of them!

Props to Carl on this one. He spent hours scouring the web to find us something in our price range and area. Then when this popped up, he got his brother to check it out for us so we didn’t have to pack up Iris and make a day of it. (I know little and desire to know less about cars, so my test driving skills are negligible, while Carl can’t drive at all right now, so we’re kind of pathetic in that department).

Philip, on the other hand, is a lawyer with a lawyer’s personality. When Carl asked him out of idle curiosity over the phone whether we could sue the sports complex where he was injured, I could hear Phil’s matter-of-fact response across the room: I can file a complaint against Jesus. People might look at me strangely. But I can.

If you ever have to buy a car blind, he’s the right person to ask.

(And no, we didn’t file a complaint.)

It’s a 2003 Hyundai Sonata, which I’m so happy to be writing and not saying because for some reason I CANNOT pronounce Hyundai, so I hate it when people ask me what kind of car it is. What the heck do you do with the Y? Is it HIGH-un-die? Is it high-UN-die? Is it HUN-die? I don’t know.

The car, however, is great. I’ll totally settle for that.


4 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen:

  1. Yay for new cars! And yours looks gorgeous. And, by the way, I learned last year when we bought our Hyundai, that it’s “Sunday, Monday, H(y)undai”. So you don’t say the ‘y’.

  2. I love that Linda has official guidance for you on pronunciation. 😛
    Phil rocks for taking care of this for you. Brothers who have your back are the bomb…and although lawsuits scare the crap out of me, somehow the fact that he has those kind of wily smarts about law, tactics and negotiation does seem very encouraging.

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