The Garden in April

After that strange sunburst of summer we had last month, April seems unusually quiet this year. Just your average collection of cool temps, skies alternating from blue to gray. Nothing special. A few more birds back for the summer; the grass a little longer; the shrubs a little greener.

More of the usual magic.

I’ve barely been out in the yard this month, except for one abortive attempt to pull weeds while Iris napped (she didn’t). Now that the days are a little milder, I’ve started taking her out again in her carrier for a quick jaunt around the block before lunch. I’m not entirely sure that she enjoys it, but she doesn’t protest much. And I need the fresh air/green. So we’re calling it a win.

Today we took a detour to check out the yards both front and back. The peonies are going gangbusters (but what color will they be?), and the unspecified shrub near the end of the back yard is giving every indication now of being a lilac. There is a lone hosta backed against the fence. Another shrub appears to be dead (opening up a space in the bed for what? Must plan).

Very exciting on the whole, but also very… educational. As in, I am learning both how much time a good garden demands and how little time a newbie mother generally has.

Even for the relatively simple things like mowing the grass and removing the flotilla of dandelions in our front yard. (Our neighbors do not have dandelions in their yards. I imagine them looking askance at ours and wondering if we plan to do something about them before they all go to seed. My first real brush with suburban guilt).

Then there are all those weeds to pull in the back beds. Those empty patches full of possibility. Lawn lines to sharpen, dirt to seed, plants to buy.

Yes, and that pesky fallen tree to have removed.

I keep making mental sketches of all the brilliant things I’ll do when I have a minute, but Carl finally did the sensible thing and called his friend with a lawn care business this week. At least the grass will get cut this year.

When we bought this house I was already in love with the yard. I still love it, but I think it’s finally beginning to sink in just how much work is involved with having the Yard of Your Dreams.

Gosh, that reminds me of something else I blithely took on this year… Something whose milky snores are wafting up from the carrier as I type.

Can’t think what.


2 thoughts on “The Garden in April

  1. This is why my gardens have always been somewhere between dreamy and disasterous. They are indeed a lot of work, but they’re also beautiful!

  2. You have one of those wonderfully scented vibernums! Love them! That’s the pinky, creamy bouquet cluster blossom at the top of the post. Our neighbor has a huge hedge of them seperating our yards. I luuuurve them! The whole yard smells like a warm spiced chai with cream when they’re blooming. Ours our almost done. What color is your lilac? Love that you have one! Sounds like your yard is fantastic. And kudos to Carl for calling the lawn guys…that’s what they’re there for. Am thinking about calling some to trim my hedge this spring…I’m not really up for lifting a hedge trimmer over my head or teetering on ladders trying to reach the top and I think I’ll be out of the running for a good bit here.

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