To sleep, perchance to write

You know it’s bad when you seriously consider writing a novel on your iPod. While pacing the house with a baby in a carrier.

I was joking when I first suggested this to Joel, but he assured me that some fantasy author had already done just that (the novel, not the baby. I think he wrote his while on the subway). So apparently it’s possible. I started jotting notes on the pod yesterday.

When the easy way doesn’t work, why not try the super ridiculously hard way? This is Iris’s view of the subject. Of all subjects, actually. She is currently asleep in the carrier because she’s decided falling asleep (to say nothing of STAYING asleep) is her least favorite activity ever. Yesterday she fought sleep all day, got overtired, and screamed off and on for hours. We took turns holding her and frantically reading everything we could google about infants and sleep.

The carrier was mentioned.

We stuffed her in. She slept for 2 hours.

I hope it’s ok to shower in these things, because I’m pretty sure mine is never coming off.

Anyway, the writing. I’m not sure what it’s going to be about, but you can bet it’s going to be frivolous. There is a formula for sleep deprivation and deepness, and while minor insomnia may lead to quality, Hamlet-type thoughts, I’m pretty sure 6 weeks with a newborn can only end in teenaged vampires.

Apologies in advance.

(Written on my iPod!)


3 thoughts on “To sleep, perchance to write

  1. Just like when you gave birth to your daughter, you will conceive your novel. It will be a process full of discomfort, doubt, fear and hope. And just like your daughter, it will be beautiful.

  2. Say, I like Vince’s style…sounds like a writer! I also like your style, but I’m sorry that Iris is such a handful. She reminds me of Aaron. I used to feel like he was only content with any routine for 45 seconds, and I just didn’t know that many 45-second acts!

  3. This is how I survive. With baby in a carrier…almost around the clock. Maybe I’m a weak freak but I can actually get things done! I say, novel writing on the i-device sounds completely sane.

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