Getting Back to Good

 I have cleaned out the dishwasher, put away the laundry, and addressed the first batch of thank you notes but the snuggliness in the nursery (see photo LEFT) shows no sign of slowing.

I’m down with that.

And I guess I could be cleaning out beds in the garden or washing windows, but I’m calling this a catch-my-breath moment. A chance to enjoy the progress we’ve made.

Carl is able to get upstairs now, and with a folding chair in the bathtub and a new, detachable shower head he’s even able to take a real shower. For the first time in a month, I even took a shower while Carl shaved after his and we were able to carry on a casual conversation while doing it.

If you don’t think that’s amazing, you should try busting your ankle some time. Daily life—after it stops sucking—will be all kinds of magical.

Yesterday we even hired our first babysitter and went to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. It was kind of weird. I mean, we hadn’t been out to eat together for a month, and we hadn’t been anywhere together without Iris, and we’d never paid someone or had to watch a clock just to grab some food before. I felt, for the first five minutes anyway, like we ought to be making it count and having some kind of awesome adult conversation or something… and then the feeling went away and we just had lunch.

It’s nice to be normal together.

We talked about the accident and how it’s made us see things differently. We talked about being parents. We talked about our waitress and how much I liked my strawberry iced tea.

We had a good time.

Also Iris snoozed in the sitter’s arms the entire time, so the experience appeared to be a positive one for everybody. Win-win-win.

And a final bonus win: since Iris didn’t wake up, I still had a small bottle of milk in the fridge that night when she hit her fussy patch between midnight and two. Turns out she likes to REALLY chow down before sleeping, and it further turns out that 2 additional ounces before bed make her a much happier camper.

It’s a bit early to be all “mystery SOLVED!” over her late night Grumplestiltskins routine but I can’t help hoping the mystery is, you know, actually solved. I would like to get to sleep before 2am some time in the next year.

The other thing we’re working on is getting Iris comfortable playing on her own in her crib or buzzy seat for 10-15 minute stretches. Enough time at least for me to get a quick shower or stack dishes or write a couple of thank you notes. So far Iris is taking to her solo time better than I thought she might. She doesn’t last long, but it’s a start.

I am at least able to visualize a future where I: A) do things, B) with BOTH hands (!), C) without hearing her cry.

Either life is getting back to good or I’m entering the manic phase of new mommyhood. I guess I’m good with either.


3 thoughts on “Getting Back to Good

  1. Oh, wow, I SO know what you mean about ordinary life being great when you get hurt. I remember when they took the cast off my foot, and I put my weight on both feet for the first time in nearly two months. I got the most amazing sensation of my spine straightening out. It. Was. Bliss. I promised myself I would never take standing on both feet for granted again.

    Here’s hoping your nighttime mystery really is solved, that you manage to find things Iris loves to do on her own for short periods of time, and most of all, that you can get everything done that you need to while enjoying this amazing time of learning all about your new little person.

  2. Hi Kitten! Three cheers for all the good things happening! So glad you finally got out and had a peaceful, happy time! So glad little Iris is chowing down. She does sound a lot like Aaron to me…very busy and very demanding. But, there are always the up sides to hyper activity…she’ll get a lot done and keep you on your knees, teach you how to multitask X2 and do housework one-handed!

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