Going to be away for a bit, working on my survival skills in the real world. On Saturday I was nicely settling into prelabor when we headed off to Carl’s hockey game, a sort of last hurrah while we waited to see if this was going to be IT.

Ten minutes into the game Carl had to be carried off by his team mates. You didn’t have to have a degree to know the break was a bad one. The first doctor said he wouldn’t drive or walk unassisted for six months. The orthopedic surgeon said more like 2-3. We’re half way through a two-step surgery process on his ankle now, but they did let him leave the hospital yesterday afternoon when his pain was finally more controlled. We’ve turned the living room into our very own makeshift hospital suite, but it’s nice to be home at least.

And fortunately it turns out that extreme stress stops labor. Who knew? After a few hours of contractions, the baby apparently decided this was NOT the world she intended to be born in and headed north again. One less thing to worry about.

We did, however, make the tough decision to have her induced later this week to ensure we wouldn’t both be in the hospital at the same time. And to give me a couple of days to recoup before Carl goes back for surgery #2. It’s the right decision given our OB office policies and the accident, but it sure isn’t how I pictured things.

On the plus side, at least she’s healthy. The surgeon said Carl should heal ok. In six months or so none of this will matter. It’s just rough right now.


That’s where I’ll be.

See you on the flip. Keep it real. Peace out.

I’ma going to be all glamorous now and figure out how to take care of the pins sticking out of Carl’s leg.


5 thoughts on “Away

  1. Oh dear, how awful. I’m so sorry. There are no words, just I’m sorry. Many blessing of peace and healing and calm, for you, your husband, and the baby about to come into the world!

  2. I’m so, so sorry! We are praying for you and Karl and pray that God will help you through all this!
    May God give you a good delivery and Karl a good pain killer. God bless all three of you.

  3. I love Sarah’s double wish for painkillers and good deliveries all round. 🙂 Sure thinking of you a lot. Can’t wait to hear that you’ve come out the other side.

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